Sunday, January 11, 2015

From My Carolina Home Blog

Hi, I created this blog so I could comment on other google based blogs as Blogger and Blogspot do not play nice with Wordpress.  My main blog content can be found at , where I blog about a wide variety of subjects including quilting, cooking, reading, stamping, crafting, mountain living, gardening and more.

The next Scrap Dance Mystery Quilt Along will begin January 2018!!  There will also be an Orient inspired event in February, and Autumn Jubilee will again take the month of October in 2018.

Please come visit!  If you are looking to comment, the comment link on Wordpress on the home page is on the left at the top under the post date.  If you are on a specific post, it will be at the bottom.

Blogspot and Blogger will no longer allow a Wordpress identity to comment on your blog, recently deleting Open ID and all other identities.

So forgive me for having one more click to get to my blog, but it is better to be able to comment on yours!



  1. Hi Carole, I will try leaving a comment here - I went to wordpress to see the post.

  2. Hekki dear, thanks to visit me, I'm going to do the same, and to know you better Regards. Loredana.

  3. Thanks so much for stopping by!! I am heading over to Wordpress......


  4. Hi Carole, Thank you for visiting my blog, now I´m off to find you :-)

  5. Hi there! a smart solution to an annoying problem. I am off to visit your "real" blog now!

  6. You are so smart! I'm off to your other blog now. :)

  7. Thanks for letting us know where to find you Carole.

  8. Thank you Carole for telling us.